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MES Certification Repository

Welcome to the MES Certification Repository

The MES Certification Repository is a space for states, CMS, and vendors to learn, share, and contribute information about the MES Certification process and its related artifacts. From this site you can access the latest-and-greatest information about CMS-Required outcomes and recommended metrics as well as view CMS approved state-specific outcomes and metrics.

Getting Started

Outcomes and Metrics

The Outcomes and Metrics in this repository is organized by MES modules on the left. Certification is still required if your project does not neatly fall into one of the modules. You may still find relevant outcomes and metrics examples across other modules. As needed, work with your state team and State Officer to create state-specific outcomes statements.

Intake Form

The Intake Form Template is used throughout the Streamlined Modular Certification process to track information about a state MES project for certification. It is tailored for each state project. States will fill out the Intake Form Template by entering the CMS-required outcomes that document compliance with regulations applicable to their project, their state-specific outcomes, and the metrics used to show that the project is achieving its outcomes on a continuous basis.

The template here contains CMS-required E&E outcomes as an example of how content should appear in the Intake Form. A blank copy of the intake form is also available on

Download the Intake Form

Example Templates

Recent Updates

This site is intended to be a resource that grows over time, with quarterly major releases as needed (4 per year). We are using a standard semantic release versioning of MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, which will follow this format:

  • MAJOR version release when CMS makes significant changes such as: Adding new outcomes, rewriting existing outcomes, and adding/editing metrics, required docs, or processes.
  • MINOR version release when CMS adds functionality to the site or contextual clarifications, but are not substantially changing any core content.
  • PATCH version release when CMS makes minor edits such as: typo correction, bug fixes, and other minor (non-substantial) edits.

Click here to see the latest release notes for the site

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  1. Create an account on:
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  3. After creating your account, paste our GitHub repo URL into the Project Name field to setup the notification.



The MES team will be iterating on the site over time and would love to know how it can be improved. We are also actively gathering and evaluating outcomes statements crafted by states across all business areas. If you are interested in sharing examples to be hosted on this site, send them to:

If you have any other feedback or suggestions please email them to and our team will get back to you.